Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SImone France Review and Giveaway

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Simone France is a French Skin Care Company that offers skin care solutions for all skin types, such as normal, dry and oily. They also offer products for all over the body whether that be your face, hands arms and so on and so forth. They even have sunscreens and cosmetics. To read more about Simone France and how they got started click HERE.

I recently partnered up with Simone France on their product called the "Handwich" next to your face, your hands are the most noticeable indicator of your age. That why they created Soft Hands RX, it's a rich, nourishing hand cream made specifically to care for your hands the same way their product called the "Sandwich" cares for your face. If you just follow the simple directions it will take years off the appearance of your hands in just 60 seconds a day. You can find the "Handwich" and "Sandwich" by looking under their Everyday Value Packages.

Simone France The Handwich
The Handwich only takes 60 seconds as previously stated and has five easy to follow steps.
First you apply a very small amount of Soft Hands RX on hands that are completely dry. Make sure you cover all the way down to your wrist.Simone France Soft Hands RX
Second apply the Refining Scrub and massage down to wrists, between fingers, fingertips, etc. 
Simone France Refining Scrub
Third work up a later of Soap in your hands and wash off the scrub and cream.
Simone France Soap

Fourth rinse hands thoroughly with warm water and dry hands completely with a towel.
The fifth and last step is to apply the Soft Hands RX again, making sure to get down to your wrists, around cuticles and in between fingers. Use only a small amount. Allow a minute or two to fully absorb if needed.

You can purchase the "Handwich" together as a package or just buy the products separately if desired. I conveniently linked the different products in the above area so you could find them.

I chose the Handwich because I have psoriasis on my hands and to be honest nothing else has helped me get rid of it but this product, within just a week of using it, has my hands almost cured. No joke. I have tried every medicine they have whether it be in pill form or ointment and even the photo light therapy and they did no help. I would have posted pics but my thoughtful self didn't even think to take a before picture, sorry guys.

With or without pictures you guys don't have to take my word for it go and test the product yourself. You definitely get the bang for your buck. To make it even better Simone France has agreed to give one lucky reader their own chance to experience the "Handwich" How does that sound? All you have to do is enter of the rafflecopter form below.

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