Monday, September 23, 2013

Want to know more about Rodan and Fields

 I owe it to you to share with you EXACTLY what Rodan + Fields is.

Some basics you should know...

Drs. Rodan + Fields are the same doctors who created Proactiv Solution, a multi-billion dollar brand and household name worldwide. They initially launched these award-winning products in high-end retail stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel. Just a few short years ago, the Doctors pulled from retail and launched into direct sales. While Rodan + Fields Dermatologists was the #1 Clinical Brand in Nordstrom, the Doctors chose this business model on purpose to take advantage of the social economy and social media frenzy that has become our societies norm. Click here to see their journey and why direct sales was the smartest possible move.

What the doctors did for acne they are now doing for anti-aging.

We all have the opportunity to be first in most markets in the US.

We are going GLOBAL! Starting in January '14. First stop - CANADA! Who do YOU know there?

Over $3 billion is spent annually in the US alone on anti-aging products and this number is expected to double in the next 5 years. An additional $3 billion is spent annually on at-home beauty tools. Guess what? We've got both!

Virtual franchise- All of the marketing materials and training needed to start your business are at your fingertips, but without the brick and mortar infrastructure. Very low cost of entry with high profit potential.BResidual Income!

Part-time hours. Most Rodan + Fields business owners spend on average, 10-15 hrs/wk running their businesses successfully! We are not a party-plan business. It is run 100% on-line...No inventory, stock or deliveries! There are NO monthly quotas, requirements or hidden agendas!

There is NO LIMIT to your earning potential! You can OUT-EARN the person who introduced you to this business! NO sales experience is required! In fact, most of us don't have any. The great news is that Rodan + Fields is a word-of-mouth marketing business so all you need to do is like talking to people!

Portability! This business moves WITH you wherever you go...

With Rodan + Fields you are in business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself! You will not only have me to personally coach you and help you get your business off the ground, but you will have access to a team of business partners and consultants around the country who provide an extra layer of support and connections!

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists is a DEBT-FREE company! Your business is a TAX write-off!
Oh, and did I mention RESIDUAL INCOME?

NOW is the PERFECT time to launch your Rodan + Fields business with our innovative Macro Exfoliator with patent-pending DocSmart Technology launched earlier this year, hailed as a Game-changer in the Skin Care industry.

And with the exciting return of our REDEFINE AMP MD, dubbed "A Must-Have in Anti-Aging" by the TODAY Show, you will be in an incredible position to leverage what this little baby is sure to do for your business!!

As if that weren't enough...

In addition to making the TOP 100 GLOBAL list of Direct Sales Companies this year, earning four 2013 DSA Ethos Awards, more than any other company received, R+ F was also honored with the 2013 Gold Stevie for Company of the Year, Consumer Products.

For you "Numbers" folks, the following SHOULD excite you!!
R+F has experienced triple-digit growth every year in Direct Sales. Currently, sales in ONE month, exceed sales of an entire year under the glass case in Nordstrom where they were the #1 Clinical Brand.
Are you looking for a way to add a no-brainer revenue stream to your existing successful professional portfolio?

Are you a smart and savvy corporate type who's either sick of the corporate grind or stepped away to raise kids but miss using your brain and making big money?

Are you working tirelessly in an underpaid profession (teacher, nonprofits; etc) but love making a difference in people's lives?

Are you a stay-at-home mom who is looking for something fun to do that will give you back your identity?

Whether it's a shameless shoe fund, planning a guilt-free holiday or your Plan B that you're after, the beauty of THIS business is that WE ALL HAVE SKIN!

Your friends and family WILL hear about R+F...Shouldn't it be from YOU?

Take a few minutes to watch our Doctor’s share the Rodan + Fields business model:

Hear what’s possible with Rodan + Fields. Watch my business partner’s 3 minute success story. If she can do it, imagine what is possible for you!

Check out the results of our transformative products:

Msg me today to start the conversation:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dorm Co Word-Up College Laundry Bag Laundry Tote Review

Awhile back I made a post about writing for a new company called Dorm. Co and I got to review one of their laundry totes! Well I got the tote, I used the tote and I love the tote, to see my original announcement post click HERE.

Most women hate doing laundry but I must admit I actually enjoy it. Folding clothes is kind of like a little stress relief program for me, plus nothing beats the feeling of nice warm clothes and sheets fresh out of the dryer. It however was getting to where I was doing laundry two to three times a week because the basket was filling up so quick. Dorm co took care of that for me. Their laundry tote held nearly twice the laundry my enormous basket did and it was a zillion times easier to carry when it was time to wash!
Word-Up College Laundry Bag - Lime/Pink
I can most certainly see why college students would fall in love with these nifty little things.

Did I mention how cute it is too! I know cute, I am as girly as girly gets!

I was going to write my post about three days ago but I wanted to really put the tote to the test. We were going on a little mini vacation so I wanted to give it a good run. It folds nice and neatly for packing into a suit case to take with for starters. Then instead of trying to separate all the dirty clothes from the clean ones when it was time to go home all I had to do was put the tote in the trunk like it was luggage (full of dirty clothes). It saved me time and money by getting to do this too because I didn’t have to take extra time while on vacation to do laundry or go to a Laundromat either. I got the luxury of doing it at home.

The test was not over though. I had to check the durability of the tote, so what a better way than to give it to my four year old to drag (because he could not lift) the tote up the drive way when we were unpacking the car? My skin cringed as I watched him do it but I wanted to be able to give a full review. The nylon did not rip nor tear and you can see in the picture below how long of a walk from the road to the porch it was for him to drag it across the driveway.

I did manage to count the number of articles of clothing I had stuffed into the bag and it was 143! That includes my husband blue jeans (thick, work blue jeans), our every day clothes and my toddlers clothes. I should also note that that number does not include socks or underwear!

Overall I give the tote 9 out of 10 stars! The only difficulty I had with it was once its full, unless you find somewhere good to prop it up, it tends to tip over L spilling my clothes on to the floor. This can be easily fixed by pulling the drawstrings together however and closing the top. Sometimes you just have to be smarter than the product lol.

If you would like to check the tote out you can click HERE
To see everything Dormco has to offer click HERE
To check them out on Facebook click HERE

To check them out on Twitter click HERE

Monday, July 29, 2013

Piczzle Review and Giveaway

I recently got the opportunity to do a review for a company called Piczzle. What they do is a wonderful thing and makes for a wonderful gift. They take your pictures and put them into puzzles! Piczzle Photo Puzzles are awesome. You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words.", well imagine putting that onto something someone can piece together over and over again.

They offer a variety of puzzles as well. Whether it's cardboard or wooden, a simple rectangle puzzle or a heart shaped puzzle, if you want to add a border or words that's an option as well! The possibilities are endless.

I chose to do a picture of my mother and son giving each other a kiss, I also chose to put a yellow Christmas border around it and put Merry Christmas Granny, I love you on it! I do believe her heart will melt when she opens it. I know my heart melted when I got the box in the mail.

Piczzle has also decided to let one of my readers win a choice of their very own picture puzzle from them! A very big thanks to them for that and letting me work with them. A quick note, if you have ever won from Picczle before on another blog you cannot win again on mine. Sorry for the inconvenience. You may enter on the Rafllecopter form below. As always thanks for reading and good luck!

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Also make sure to check them out on Facebook and YouTube.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Robby Wash Blue Laundry Ball Pack Giveaway

What a great giveaway! Perfectif you do laundry all the time like I do!

Hosted By:  NYSavingSpecials

Sponsored by : Oransi

One lucky winner will win a 

Robby Wash Blue Laundry ball pack

Robby Wash Laundry ball pack will keep your laundry clean up to one year. No need for detergents!

You can read the full review here

Dates:  July 29 12:01am to August 19 11:59pm
US only

We appreciate the support of out sponsor, please show your support by following them on their social medias pages.
All other entries are optional

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Soda Stream Review

I have wanted to try a Soda Stream out now for almost a year, granted I had seen them longer than that but my obsession with getting one for my blog review started in September of 2012. My sister-in-law also blogs and she received one. I didn't see her a lot so I didn't really get a chance to use it but I did taste some of the Root Beer Soda and it was great.

I wrote Soda Stream and asked if I could review one, I was pretty sure I had my numbers high enough, only time would tell. A few days later I opened my e-mail and there it was, a message saying I had been approved! I screamed in excitement! 

I didn't even know the package had arrived. One of my friends came over to say hello and they told me there was a huge package on my front porch. I went out side and there it was, a huge cardboard box with Soda Stream written down the side. I eagerly brought it in and started tearing open. I was just expecting a Soda Stream but they were also kind enough to send me several different, full size syrups to try as well. 

Using Soda Stream was very easy. All you have to do is pour water into the one liter water bottle that comes along with it. Next you screw the bottle into the Soda Stream carbonation machine and press the button three times. I did, however, notice that three times didn't quite do the trick for me. I pressed mine 4 times and I was good to go. 

The first flavor I tried was the Cola, it tasted just like the real thing! The lemon lime was also wonderful, I tried it the first time I had a tummy ache just like what I use the brand name lemon lime soda for. My husbands favorite was the cranberry raspberry soda. My son loves the Kool-Aide, it didn't come with my blogger sampler but we bought some.

I wanted to really test the cost effectiveness of the Soda Stream so that I did. Since Soda Streams syrups made soda that tasted just as good as the name brand versions I did it as follows. For two weeks I used nothing but the Soda Stream for drinks and for two weeks I bought name brand soda. The costs for the Soda Stream includes the cost of the CO2 that you must buy for the carbonation and the syrups and the costs of the cokes is as is.

My family goes through approximately one and a half two liters a day, with that being said that's 10 and a half two liters a week. The name brand two liters cost $1.65 at the Wal-Mart where we live, so for two weeks of buying the name brand soda's it cost me a total of $34.65.

Soda Streams can of CO2 costs on average $30.00 but it makes 60 liters of soda, so to do the math properly I divided the cost of that my the same number of liters I bought for two weeks. So for each liter it cost me $0.50 for the carbonation. The syrups cost $4.99 each and make 12 liters of soda. So for the two weeks I bought two of them for the two weeks with a grand total of $9.98. A not a had enough syrup for 24 liters and I only needed 21.  So for each liter it cost me $0.42 cents. The water was out of the tap and might have cost me a total of $1 for the 21 liters if that, but we'll factor it in. So for the two weeks using Soda Stream it cost me a grand total of $20.32.

For two weeks I saved $14.33 on soda. Phenomenal! I didn't even factor in the gas I saved not going to the store to pick up the sodas so the savings and endless. 

Over all Soda Stream is a wonderful creation and a money saver. During the economic hard times saving money is a must. I suggest everyone get a Soda Stream machine. The savings grow even more after the initial buy. The can of CO2 is refillable and only costs $19.99 to refill! Even more savings!

Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Man Can Review

 Everyone loves candles! Women are more the target audience but who says that can't change? I can tell you of one company who decided to change things up a little, Man Cans

Man Cans are candles made for men, in scents that men love! This whole company was started by a 13 year old boy who saw his sister making candles and decided to make candles he would enjoy. What a bright boy! Look at where it has gotten him. That just goes to show that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Man Candles also support a wonderful cause. Every candle they make is put into a can that once contained soup in it. They start out by buying cans of soup and donating them to local soup kitchen. After the food has been eaten they clean the can and put candles in them. Every candle you buy helps feed someone! As of today they have donated 65,000 meals! That an astonishing number.

Man Cans come in twelve different scents, to see those click HERE. For my review I received 5 of the twelve scents. I let my husband choose them because after all, they are for men. Below you will see our opinions on each.

The first scent he chose was New Mitt, a new fresh leather smell!

It smells just like a new baseball glove. My husband loves the smell of new leather! Every wallet he has is leather, he has a leather jacket and so much more. He even takes some of the melted wax after we blow the candle out and uses it to keep a nice and great smelling shine on his wallet. Silly men and the things they do.

The next scent he chose was Coffee. The smell of Black Coffee.

Well, let me be honest, I chose the coffee. The first thing I have to have in the morning before anyone talks to me is a big cup of coffee but the caffeine gives me the jitters. My husband told me it was an addiction and maybe if I just smelt the coffee I would be able to kick the habit, while the smell was wonderful it didn't over come my craving for my coffee. It didn't last too long before he agreed lol.

The next was Gun Powder. The scent of a spent shotgun shell.

My husband does bounty hunting on the side and has quite a selection of most guns you could imagine. The first gun I ever shot was a 16 gauge shotgun about a year ago, because truth be told I am terrified of guns. While the candle does relate to the smell it seems as though it has a perfume added to it which throws it off slightly but it's still a candle we love.

The next candle was Fresh Cut Grass, the smell of fresh cut grass without all the work.

My husband does all the yard work but we both agree sitting out on the front porch afterwards, having a glass of tea and smelling the cut grass is quite relaxing. The smell if scent perfect! I use this candle all over my house to throw people off.

The last scent we chose was Granpa's Pipe, just like grandpa smoked.

I saved the best for last. There are so many memories you can't get back when a loved one has passed. Our uncle Ronald passed several years back. He smoked cigars all the time. When we lit this candle I nearly cried from all the memories that flooded through my mind. 

The candles they offer are fantastic! You don't have to believe me though, check them out for yourself!

Women don't worry they make She Cans too. A smart man to keep a woman in his thought and not exclude us!

She Cans and Man Cans sell for $9.50 each and our worth every penny!

Make sure to check them out on Facebook,

Mrs Very Flamable's Savings and Reviews receives free products for review purposes only and may sometimes also be compensated for posts. Posts may also contain afflilate links. All opinions are those of mine and mine alone and were not influenced by any form of compensation.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Printer Pix Review and Giveaway

Let's start out with a little bit of info about what Printer Pix is and what they do from their website!

Enjoy your memories all over again with Printer Pix. You can create a photo book to preserve your precious photos, a calendar to remind you of happy days all year long or a photo canvas to turn a great image into a work of art.

Best of all, you can customize the text, layout, and design of your personalized photo product, ensuring your book, calendar or canvas captures your memories and your personality completely.

Our team of highly qualified printing experts uses only the most advanced equipment to guarantee your photographs look their best in the photo books, calendars, and canvases you design.

Printerpix helps you make your memories last a lifetime.
                                                                           -from Printer Pix Website

What they say is exactly what they do. When I first agreed to a product review I was given the option to choose from a few things. Those were a 36x24 Photo Canvas, a leather wrapped or hard back photo book, or an iPhone Case. I had originally chose the 36x24 Photo Canvas! There was only one issue with this, because most of the photos I have, have been taken from a mobile device they would not stretch properly (without being blurry) onto that large of a canvas. No worries I decided to down-sized to a 20x16 photo canvas and added a hard back photo book!

This photo experts at Printer Pics tried very diligently to get my photo to work but they did not want me to be unhappy with my canvas.Customer service and satisfaction is one of their top priorities and you can tell that every step along the way.

I had a hard time choosing what photo I wanted for the canvas but I finally decided on one of my and my husband from our wedding day. My cousin snapped the photo during the wedding and you would swear she was a professional photographer! She caught as at the perfect moment, staring into each others eye, smiling at one another while the preacher was reading off his sermon. I wanted something that meant the world to me on this canvas and that's what I got.

When it came to the photo book I decided it might as well coincide with the canvas. At this point it had been over a year since our wedding and I still had not gotten any of our photos from the wedding printed off to put into an album. Time was not on my side. I quickly jumped on the opportunity to finally do this. Not only did they print my photos off they placed them in a photo book with out names on the front and beautiful quotes and words written all through it!

I knew what my previews of both the canvas and the photo book looked like on the website because they give you the option to preview them but I could not wait to see them in person. I was backing out of the drive way for work one morning and I noticed a pretty large but thin box on my front porch. I stopped the vehicle and ran up to get it. I opened it and there they were. BEAUTIFUL, is not enough to describe the work they did. I put them in the car with me and took them to work. The first thing I did was take it in and show it to everyone I worked with. They were all in awe over what I had received. I even got a few new likes on Facebook that day because they couldn't wait to read about the company that did the work.

The process was so easy to get exactly what I wanted!

For the photo canvas you start out by choosing the size of canvas you want, this ranges from a 10x8 to a 48x36! Printer Pix is one of the few companies that offers photo canvases this large that I have saw. After you choose your size and clicked started a window pops up that tell you to upload a photo. Here you have the option to upload from your computer or from their stock image library. After you choose and image from either option you get to edit your photo canvas by choosing the thickness and type (Landscape, Portrait, Square or Panoramic). On this page there is also a Photo Quality detector below your picture. They like for your photo to have at least 3 stars for it to fit properly on the size you choose, they would never tell you that you couldn't use a photo due to this only warn that the image may be a little blurred. They only want the best picture you can get! Once you have edited your photo to your liking you may click preview your item. This is one of my favorite parts! They don't just show you what your canvas is going to look like by itself they place it in a variety of pictures of rooms so you can get a feel for what you are ordering! A big two thumbs up to them for taking that extra step. If you like what you see click "add to basket". After that they give you the chance to add wonderful upgrades to your photo canvas such as upgrading to a 60% cotton photo canvas for added thickness and higher quality, upgrading to a 9 color Giclee Professional Print and a quality fixing/hanging kit. The options are all up to you.

For the photo book I chose a 20 page, 8x8, Modern Hard Cover. You can also choose a Leather Bound Book or Modern Soft Cover, change the amount of pages and the sizeof the book (this ranges from an 8x6 to a 12x12).Once you've decided on your photo book click "Get Started". Next you get to choose your theme, the options are endless, you can see the book I chose HERE. Now you type in your project name and click "start project". Now you get to upload your photos, you also have many options here as to where you get your photo's from ( Your Computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Smug Mug or Photo Bucket). Now you simply edit the photo book the way you want it, preview and order!

I had such a wonderful time working with Printer Pix and I plan on ordering more photo's from them! I hope you will give them a try with your photos! Two lucky readers get's to win the same item's I received! One for the photo canvas and one for the photo book! Enter in the rafflecopter form below! As always good luck and thank you for reading!


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